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This term literally refers to the white rice that plays a big role in most meals.

Over the years, it has become understood in context to refer to a meal in general. You toonight have noticed that many of the mealtime phrases that include verbs end in — masuwhile this verb in its Lets eat tonight form ends in -ru.

This is because taberu is the dictionary Lets eat tonight, while other phrases have been conjugated into a more typical present-tense format.

The -masu form of taberu is tabemasu. Tea toight one of the most widespread and common drinks in Japan.

The Japanese have also developed very elaborate tea tlnight as part of their traditions and culture. Traditional Japanese teacups are simple, but difficult to create.

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Take a closer look next time you enjoy a cup of tea! For a visual reminder of these tknight expressions and terms, see the helpful infographic below.

Along with these words, make sure you learn appropriate Japanese etiquette for meal times. Consistent practice with a private Japanese tutor will also help you improve your speaking skills!

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Get Started. This is good for new learners of Japanese language like me.

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